Week 1
gold vs KY Ambition
black vs KY Ambition
middle vs Kings
Week 2
gold vs Ball Busterz
black vs Cougars Blue
middle vs KY Ambition

Week 3
gold vs Fair
black vs 502 Ballers
middle vs 
Week 4
gold vs Founding Fathers 
black vs Showstoppers Elite
middle vs

Week 5


Tournament Games

Date/Time:Game (Home vs. Visitor) :Location:


  Sat 7/10/21 - MBT High School Nationals   Louisville, Kentucky

  Sat 7/17/21 - Next Level Classic  Speedway, Indiana

  Sat 7/24/21 - Athelite Jersey Championship  Belleville, Illinois

  Fri 7/30/21 - Battle of the Bridges  Louisville, Kentucky

  Sat 8/7/21 - The Last Run St. Louis, Missouri

  Mon 0/00/21- TBA The Disciples AAU vs.   mid america sports